FootballKUB – Who Owns the Football Clubs in the World?

By admin_settee16

FootballKUB is a blockchain-based real-life football challenge game that allows you to play the latest matches in real time and draft your team out of over 1000 originally licensed players. Earn coins, collect XP and level up your 3D Avatar with officially licensed football and lifestyle items. Join a community of millions and take on plenty of challenges to win coins, XP & pave your way to the top and beyond!

Richest Club Owners
One of the biggest changes in football in recent years has been the influx of mega-rich owners who have come into the game to take control. This has allowed the world to see the true face of the sport.

เวป footballkub has resulted in clubs that act like companies, with a board of directors, an annual shareholders’ meeting and a CEO. In this corporate network, Arab sheiks, Russian magnates, American businessmen and Asian millionaires are all part of the mix.

Whether you’re a fan of the local team or a global star, it’s worth knowing who owns the best clubs in the world. footballkub of these people will be known to you, but others will probably not.

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