How to Play the Thai Lotto

By admin_settee16

The Thai Lotto is a state-run lottery. It generates four billion baht a year for charity and scholarship, but also keeps many people in employment as ticket sellers. This lottery is regarded as a safe and legal way to gain large funds. However, it is very important to play this lottery wisely.

Before playing the Thai Lotto, it is important to know the rules of the game. First of all, you need to purchase your tickets from a retailer. You can either visit a local agent or a retail venue. Make sure that the ticket cost does not exceed 120 baht.

Tickets are printed on special yellow paper. They feature silk thread, and are protected with a two-tone watermark. If you notice a stain on your ticket, it is best to remove it using special chemicals. Otherwise, a drop of bleach should do the trick.

In addition, you need to pay stamp duty on any prizes you win. You should also fill out a claim form. Afterward, you will need to present your passport. The prize can only be claimed within a two-year period from the draw date.

The first prize in the Thai Lotto is 30 million baht, but there are other prizes. The second prize is 100,000 baht, and the third prize is 40,000 baht. There are also bonus prizes, including 22 million baht for the Thai Charity Lottery, and a bonus of 30 million baht for the Thai Government Lottery.

To play the Thai Lotto, you need to select your numbers carefully. Traditionally, Thais choose their numbers based on news events or oddities. Most of the time, these numbers are chosen to be lucky. A lucky number is generally seen as a sign that one is about to receive something good.

When you choose your numbers, you must ensure that you select numbers that have a high chance of winning. Also, check your lottery papers to make sure that your numbers haven’t been printed before. Generally, if your numbers aren’t in the past’s results, you have a higher chance of winning.

The official drawing takes place twice a month, on the first and the sixteenth of the month. ลือลั่นสนั่นเมือง starts at around 15:00, and is simulcast on Radio Thailand Domestic Service and Spring News. Alternatively, you can watch the lottery on TV.

Tickets are sold to consumers by registered retail vendors, as well as through brokers and wholesalers. The GLO distributes lottery tickets to a network of 14760 retailers. Some retail venues also put a percentage on top of the ticket price.

The GLO also oversees the distribution of money to charity. About 27% of the tickets are allocated to disability organizations.

After a winner wins a prize, they are required to fill out a claim form, present their passport, and go to one of the three GLO offices in Bangkok. All prizes of 20,000 baht or less can be claimed by a local agent.

As a rule, the first prize in the Thai Lotto is a one-in-a-million chance. Despite ลือลั่น สนั่นเมือง , most players fail to win the jackpot. Nevertheless, the game is taken seriously by the Thai population.